Dugway Life Sciences Facility

Brief Description of Project

Heath Engineering participated with the architect in schematic development and subsequent design of HVAC systems for this major research and biological test facility.
The building includes offices, general labs, BL-2 and BL-3 labs and animal rooms. There is also 10,800 square feet of mechanical space for steam boilers, general exhaust fans, seven supply air handling and exhaust systems with heat recovery, and other equipment to support the laboratory and testing areas; including HEPA filtering systems. The HVAC system controlled pressure differentials between the offices and laboratory areas.
Within this laboratory facility, government and contractor employees challenge detectors, protective clothing, equipment, and decontamination systems to ensure their successful operation on the battlefield.
The LSTF contains an array of top-notch test features, to include:

• Class II Biosafety Cabinets

• Environmental Chambers

• Aerosol Simulant Exposure Chamber: Here technicians can alter temperature from 23 to
104 F, relative humidity from ambient to 100 percent, and aerosolized simulant concentrations. This 13-by-12-by-11.5-foot chamber has an air lock door and pass ports to maintain the environment.

• Containment Aerosol Chamber is an environmentally controlled chamber used in challenging biological samplers and detectors with aerosolized agents of biological origin.


Project Team
B. Bryce Gardner, P.E.
Senior Vice President

Robert J. Kesler, P.E., CPD

Plumbing Engineer

Ron Frick
STV Engineers, Inc.

205 West Welsh Drive
Douglassville, Pennsylvania 19518

Name of Project
Lothar Salomon Life Sciences
Test Facility (LSTF)

Dugway Proving
Ground's, Utah

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Design Start/End Dates
June 1996/Winter 1997

Services Provided
Mechanical Engineering & Design

Construction Delivery Type
Design – Bid – Build

Building Project Cost

Total Square Footage
32,000 Square Feet





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