BYU Eyring Science Center

Brief Description of Project

The existing Eyring Science Center at Brigham Young University was remodeled into a laboratory, lecture, office building. The building houses the Physics and Astronomy, Geology, and Food Science & Nutrition Departments, as well as the Pendulum Court restaurant.
The laboratories are set up with quick response Phoenix valves and direct digital controls such that the pressure relationship between each laboratory and the corridor is maintained when lab doors are operated and when hood sashes are raised or lowered. Exhaust systems are stainless steel with heat recovery coils located in rooftop dual exhaust fan units. Each rooftop unit has two separate fan, coil and filter sections to allow one section to run while the other is being serviced; thus the hoods remain in service at all times. Perchloric hoods have separate fans with wash down duct systems.
The building supply air system utilizes two 125,000 cfm supply fans in a built up fan system. Cooling coils, heating coils, heat recovery coils, filters and outside air dampers and return air dampers are located in this system. The supply system is VAV and serve general use rooms where VAV reheat boxes are used as well as the Phoenix valves with reheat coils in the laboratories.
The building has both domestic and industrial hot and cold water distribution throughout. There are also standard and acid waste and vent systems throughout.
The existing building was constructed in the late 1940’s and completed in 1950. The remodel project required close coordination with other trades as the available space was very limited. The existing concrete structure was required to be x-rayed in many locations to assure that the structural integrity of the building was maintained.


Project Team
Larry D. Veigel, P.E.
Project Engineer

Randall T. Veigel, P.E.
Administrative Vice President
Mechanical Engineer
Construction Observation

Robert J. Kesler, P.E., CPD

Plumbing Engineer


Cliff Riley
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah 84062

Mark Wilson
FFKR Architects

Bogue Building
730 Pacific Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

Name of Project
Eyring Science Center
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah

Brigham Young University

Design Start/End Dates
October 1993/1997

Services Provided
Mechanical Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
Site Utility Design
Fire Protection

Construction Delivery Type
Design – Bid – Build

Building Project Cost

Total Square Footage
150,000 Square Feet





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