Byu Lee Library

Brief Description of Project

The Harold B. Lee Library Addition and Remodel at Brigham Young University included a 1,300 ton central chilled water plant, 400,000 cfm central air handling system, atrium smoke evacuation system, and Direct Digital Control system. To conserve energy the lowest kw/ton chiller were used. Minimum outside fans were used to control ventilation while keeping outside air as low as possible.

A 60 inch diameter, 800 foot long casing was installed underground using a horizontal boring method to allow for gravity flow of storm water and sanitary sewer. The casing houses a 30" storm drain and a 12" sanitary sewer, which service the new underground library as well as other buildings and surface areas on the upper campus.

Remodel of existing HVAC systems in the existing library included the replacement of existing supply air diffusers at light fixtures with new ceiling diffusers, and the replacement of existing dual duct terminal boxes with new boxes with DDC controls.


Project Team
Larry D. Veigel, P.E.
Project Engineer

Jeffrey S. Anderson, P.E.
Executive Vice President
Mechanical Engineer

Randall T. Veigel, P.E.
Administrative Vice President
Mechanical Engineer
Construction Observation

Robert J. Kesler, P.E., CPD

Plumbing Engineer

William J. Geertsen, P.E
Mechanical Engineer

Andrew J. Paskett

Mechanical Designer


FFKR Architects
Bogue Building
730 Pacific Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

Name of Project
Harold B. Lee Library
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah

Brigham Young University

Design Start/End Dates
April 1995/January 2000

Services Provided
Mechanical Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
Site Utility Design
Fire Protection

Construction Delivery Type
Design – Bid – Build

Building Project Cost

Total Square Footage
225,000 Square Feet





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