Nauvoo Temple

The Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter Day Saints

Brief Description of Project

This 6 story building was originally constructed in the early 1840's. The temple was partially destroyed by fire in 1848 and finally rendered unstable in 1850 by a tornado. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rebuilt this building to match the exterior appearance and configuration as closely as possible.
Heath was responsible for the mechanical, plumbing, site utility and fire protection design. The building temperature and humidity is controlled by the use of central air handling units with steam humidification, chilled water cooling and heating water pre-heat with variable air volume boxes located throughout the building. The supply and return air are ducted throughout the building.
A separate underground utility building with an above ground cooling tower enclosure was constructed to house the heating and cooling equipment for the Temple. Two 220 ton chillers with associated cooling towers, heating water boilers with a combined input of 2.5 million Btuh, a 1.0 million Btuh input domestic water heater system, water softener, fire protection booster pumps, domestic water booster pumps, heating and cooling system pumps, heat exchangers, steam boilers and other related equipment are all housed within the utility building.
The building is protected against ground water and storm water by underslab and building perimeter drainage systems. Storm water is piped away from the temple site to the west towards the Mississippi River.


Project Team
Jeffrey S. Anderson, P.E.
Project/Principle Engineer
Executive Vice President

Robert J. Kesler, P.E., CPD

Plumbing Engineer

Andrew J. Paskett
Mechanical Engineer

James T. Beal
Jed Harris
David L. Henderson
Grant W. Minson
Sean M. Terry

Roger P. Jackson, AIA
FFKR Architects

Bogue Building
730 Pacific Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

Name of Project
Nauvoo Illinois Temple
50 North Wells Street
Nauvoo, Illinois 62354
Original Building 1846
Reconstruction 2002


Design Start/End Dates
October 1999/May 2002

Services Provided
Mechanical Engineering & Design
Plumbing Engineering & Design
Fire Protection Design
Site Utility Design

Construction Delivery Type
Design – Bid – Build
Multiple Bid Package for Fast Track

Total Square Footage
54,000 Square Feet





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